3 disinfectant products for a safer environment

Today we will discuss about 3 other products made by us at Cool Promotions. We try to stay focused and always up to date with the latest news in order to offer you easy and innovative solutions against Covid-19. The economy must restart, we must all return to a life close to that before the pandemic, but for that we need products like the ones we will present today, to keep your clients and employees safe wherever they go or work. It’s a “must” to use disinfectant, because it will protect us from all the viruses, not just Covid-19. We’ve created these products precisely in order to bring human health to a higher level, as it should be in any civilized country.

They should not be used ONLY now, but always, because there will always be viruses, which can put our lives and businesses implicitly in danger and that is why we should adapt our habits, especially in public spaces, depending on products such as those.


  1. Disinfection station

Prevents the spread of bacteria.

  • The disinfection station comes equipped with an electric dispenser with a 5 liter tank. Use disinfectant to sanitize your hands quickly;
  • It has 3 compartments, one for disinfectant, one for napkins and another for residues;
  • The device can be placed in malls, offices, exhibition center, schools, hospitals and so on;
  • It is tall and has a door that allows you to replace the disinfectant container, napkins and to empty the trash.


  1. Visor

It is a product that can be worn by anyone who always comes in contact with a large number of people.

  • If you can’t stand the masks or don’t find them useful, you can wear the visor whether you are at the store, in the hospital, at exhibitions or at work;
  • It is adjustable in various sizes;
  • It is an affordable prevention measure, which we recommend to any person during this period;
  • Take the place of the disinfectant when you have to work.


  1. UV-C bactericidal lamp

If you have a business in a space where many people pass by every day, then you will definitely appreciate this product.

  • Efficient sterilization of workspaces increases the confidence of employees and customers;
  • Plugged in, the lamp can destroy up to 99.9% of bacteria in just 8 minutes;
  • It is based on the decontamination and disinfection of spaces and objects;
  • UVC radiation has the role of sterilizing any public or private space.

These products are made and adapted according to the most demanding requirements, for the full safety of the employees and clients of any company.

Safety comes first, that’s why we use quality disinfectant, integrated in products that can be placed in any public space.

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