Booth display – between creativity and business

As a beginner entrepreneur you probably are worried before a trade show. Maybe it’s your first participation in an event like this and it’s normal to be a little bit anxious. But don’t worry! We are here to create for your company an excellent booth display and exhibition design!

Step by step, together we’ll find out the specifics of the trade show as: theme, types of audience, the regulations, the layout of the are where we are gonna display your company and so on.

These are the indicators a company should respect, because this is the only way it could be part of the show.

Today we are talking about booth display and how we can help you make the best exhibition design for your company.


Booth display – all you MUST know about it

#1 Keep your brand consistent.

For an exhibition is really important to “stay on brand”. All the time, keep in mind the visual identity of your brand like: the colors, the logo, the type of images or videos and use them everywhere to create an unique exhibition for your company. Your brand style and theme should be all over your design materials like brochure, flyers, walls, banners, on chair and so on.


#2 Personalize your booth walls

The walls are the focal points of a booth display and it’s a good idea to use them for to communicate a message that visitors won’t forget that easily.

The walls could be personalized and you can opt for custom texts made by a copywriter, pictures or videos played on screens or graphic design elements made after your brand’s theme.


#3 DON’T be stingy

We know how expensive could be an appearance to an exhibition, but all that matters is that the whole “picture” of your exhibit should be marvelous.

Because we have more than 11 years of experience in this industry, our advice to you is to focus more on quality, not quantity.  Invest more in your exhibit’s design, because visitors who may turn into your future clients value the appearance of the brand, as well as the experience it offers to them.

Before having their first contact with your products or services, they are attracted by the design elements, colors, theme, approach and so on. Then, if you aroused their interest, they come to meet you and see what you to offer.

There is a lot of psychology behind the creation of a booth display and you’re lucky, because we know by heart all the tips and tricks of a successful exhibition.

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