BUDGETING: Stats and Formulas, a guideline to estimate expenses

Stats and Formulas
It sure would be nice if exhibit managers could sit down to plan their budgets with a cup of java in their hands and hours of free time sprawled out in front of them. But the real world isn’t always nice. In fact, leisurely budget planning has gone the way of the land-line phone. Today, given their time-strapped lives and manage- ment’s penchant for last-minute budget requests, exhibit managers have to serve up financial figures faster than a Jimmy John’s delivery. And while the sandwich chain can fumble an order or two with very little recourse, even a single incorrect guesstimate from an exhibit manager can land him or her on the chopping block.
But don’t worry. When you need to pull budgets out of thin air, EXHIBITOR has you covered. Here are the stats, formulas, and guidelines you need to accurately estimate expenses for your next show, including everything from custom-exhibit costs to the average price of a hotel room in New Delhi.

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