How to create an effective Booth Design

What does booth design means?

The companies with experience in trade shows know how important is a booth design. If you have invested in an exhibition, you probably know that the costs with the booth design could bring back to your company a lot of new clients and at last-a significant profit.

This scenario will always be available if the booth design is created at the highest standards. You can’t participate to an exhibition and also to be unprepared, because it is like a “game” between companies and you have to win it. Actually, every company has to offer great experiences, to attract new clients  and to arouse their curiosity.

Working on a booth design is like the most important part of the entire “puzzle” which is called – the exhibition design.


Why it should be effective?

It should be effective, because this is the main purpose and because every company wants new customers by participating at an exhibition.

Maybe you’re wondering “ How am I supposed to do that? How can I catch hold of my visitors attention?”. These are common questions and we are here to give you more detailed answers.

First of all, a booth design should be compelling and attractive. It means that the overall look is the key and it has to be well done. People are impressed by atypical shapes, multiple colors and noises which stimulate their imagination and together we can create a piece of art adapted to the personality of your brand. It isn’t easy but neither impossible to do that.

Being at an exhibition and presenting your brand is quite and efficient way to convert your visitors into leads. It is one part and through it you can build your own network of contacts.

The whole design should work for your company and to describe best its personality. It means that you need a design which says “ Oh, hey, look at me!” and then people will take notice of what you offer to them.

The next step, after a great design, is “the hook”. “Ok, you’re interesting, but what can you offer to me?” is what a client could think about your booth design. It’s not enough to look good, if you don’t offer something valuable to your visitors. The interest is more important in a process like that than curiosity. It last longer and if you promote a product or a service which might solve your visitors problems, then actions take place very quickly.

Make sure everything is at its place according to plan and through a well done booth design your company offer more than a great design-  an experience.

Our team is ready to show you that your specific requirements are fulfilled  and also you are offered complete end-to-end services. We will provide you consultancy from our first meeting till the end of the “show”.

We master the art of crafting, graphic design, modern technology, multimedia, audio and we’ll help your company stand out among the rest of the participants at the exhibition.

Booth Design

4 Tips for maintaining your visitors interest

You surely don’t want a booth design easy to forget.  Give people a subject to talk about. Let’s make your exhibitions to look like an entire show, sketched and developed from A to Z.

We will give you some useful tips for each stand, because we have over 11 years of experience in communication and advertising industry.


#1 Analyze your audience.

It takes a lot of research and analyze of your audience for understanding their interests, behaviors and demographics such as : age, gender, incomes, occupations and so on. This step helps us to create together an unique personalized booth design. Use provocative questions, find out what their desires and make this visit a special experience for them. Nothing is better than knowing them, because after the show you, as a company, could produce or personalized the products or the services depending on what you heard at the exhibition. Their opinions matter!

Stand out and attract the best customers!


#2 The booth design must be high-impact.

3D artists and 2D graphic designers should work together, because these two concepts are quite different but both are needed to create an amazing project. They use different techniques and approaches, but they must have the same goal, because it can be difficult to create an exhibition and then you need experience, but also communication.


#3 Use marketing techniques.

To be more productive and efficient it’s necessary to use some marketing techniques. These may include giveaways, vouchers or maybe you could launch a new product. The visitors will be the firsts who will try your new product and this thing gives them more confidence in your brand.

Every company should have its own marketing department, but there is a secret for a real success. The secret is: the efforts of all the employees should contribute to the marketing objectives achievement. It doesn’t matter if some of the employees work in finance department and others in customer service department. All of them need to know that a good strategy could lead to competitive advantage.


#4 Display the company name and what it does

People hate to be confused and when they come to an exhibition they expect to transparency and excellent communication with brands. Use various media as communication for your booth design, such as:

  • Visual aesthetic elements like big colorful letters;
  • Lighting;
  • Banners or displays with personalized messages and so on.

Use the company’s specific colors and create your own visual identity.

Things get easy when a team with expertise in this industry take all the pieces and put them in the right places very quick. We design, build and manage exhibitional stands all around Europe.

Contact us and together we’ll “draw” the sketches of your future booth.

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