Decontamination products against Covid-19

The pandemic has affected the entire population, whether we are talking about individuals or legal entities. We all feel the negative effects of Covid-19 and we all try to avoid them as much as possible. Decontamination is a process that, because of this virus, has become an important part of both human and business life.

And because at Cool Promotions we create experiences through the exhibition stands for the business clients present at exhibitions, we thought this time to create methods so that all visitors can feel completely safe wherever they go.

We have created devices that can be used in any public place, for example at the shop’s entrance, at exhibitions, on the street, in banks, in hospitals and so on. The main purpose is to combat covid-19 and decontaminate cars and people before entering a public space.

In this article we will present the first 3 products in our range. The products are made and tested by Cool Promotions.


  1. Decontamination dispenser

It prevents the spread of bacteria, because you are not allowed to touch it. Everything is more hygienic.

  • It has a tray for residual substances made of acrylic material;
  • This device can be easily mounted on the wall and is similar to a sink;
  • It is not powered by electricity, but works with 4 AAA batteries;
  • It has integrated the ON / OFF function;
  • The dispenser will be delivered with a 5 liter tank;
  • It has a compact, unitary design, and the case is made of PVC. It is rigid and offers the necessary reinforcement for a better fixation of the product in the wall. It has a door for easy refilling of the tank;
  • The tray for residual substances is detachable and it’s easier to clean it.


  1. Disinfection tunnel for shopping carts

The assembly is made by 4 or 6 modules of dual UV and OZON lamps, which act for the decontamination of up to 14 strollers in an interval of 5 minutes.

  • At the entrance and exit of the tunnel there are PVC curtains for the efficient delimitation of the action of UV and OZON lamps;
  • The device can be connected to the electricity network of the store where it will be located.
  • The lamps work for up to 30,000 hours and after that they can be replaced;
  • The device can be mounted both inside and outside of the place;
  • It does not damage the functionality of the shopping carts;
  • The device withstands extreme weather and conditions.


  1. Decontamination tunnel

It is a device intended for pedestrians, as well as for cars and medium-sized special vehicles.

  • The cars will be able to pass through this decontamination tunnel and these will be disinfected by some pumps and spray nozzles of disinfectants. The same will happen to pedestrians. This cannot cause a negative impact on their lives.
  • This tunnel could be use for shopping carts too.
  • It is a modular system;
  • The number of spray nozzles differs depending on those who will use the tunnel (pedestrians, cars, carts, trucks and so on.

Decontamination is very important, especially at exhibitions, where a lot of people come and go.

In addition to exhibition experiences, we decided to create these innovative solutions against Covid-19.

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